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Troubleshoot your Husqvarna Snowblower

The last thing you need on a snowy, cold winter morning is to have your snow blower fail you. Here are a few recently asked questions to help troubleshoot some common snow blower and snow thrower issues.

My snow blower won’t discharge snow. What’s wrong? 

If your blower/thrower isn’t discharging, check the following:

1. Auger drive belt: is it worn, loose, slipping, or off the pulley? Refer to your owner’s manual for proper adjustment.

2. Check the Auger control cable for proper adjustment.

3. Are the auger or impeller pins sheared? If you need to install new shear pins, refer to your owner’s manual.

4. Inspect the discharge chute. Is it blocked? If so:

A) Never clean out the chute with your hands. Use the clean out tool.

B) Stop the engine and make sure all moving parts have stopped. Disconnect the spark plug wire, and keep the wire away from the plug to prevent accidental starting.

C) Use the clean out tool to clean the discharge chute.

My snow blower has lost speed or traction. What should I check? 

1. Make sure the drive belt is secure in the pulleys, and that it’s not worn or stretched.

2. Inspect the drive disc for wear or contaminants.

3. If your drive cable needs adjustment, refer to your owner’s manual.

4. Check tires for proper inflation pressure.


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