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Tire Chains for your Cub Cadet Mower

We might not want to admit it, but winter is right around the corner. Rather than stow your Cub Cadet mower for the season, you can turn it into an all-season workhorse with the easy addition of tire chains. 

How to Install Tire Chains on your Cub Cadet Mower 

1. Familiarize yourself with the owner's manual. This handy guide will note any special concerns you might have about the operation of your mower, or the addition of tire chains, for your model. 

2. When you're ready to install the tire chains, your mower should be on a flat, level surface. Disconnect both the red battery cable and the spark plug ignition wire. 

3. Make sure your tire chains are not twisted, and lay them flat on the ground. Open sides of the cross chain hooks should be facing upwards, and the C-hook should be placed along the inside edge of the tire. 

4. By taking hold of the middle of the side chains, you can now lay the tire chain over your tire. Make sure that the open ends of the cross chain hooks are facing away from the tire. 

5. The loose ends of the chain can now be tucked underneath the tire. Carefully and lightly push the mower forward. You may now link the chains by taking the hooks at the ends of the chain and connecting it with the C-hook. You should connect the C-hook to the second or third link of the side chain located on the inside of the tire. 

6. Pull your tire chain tight. Connect the locking link to the second or third link of the chain located on the outside of the tire. Make sure to fold the locking link back and under to lock the chain in place. 

7. After both sides are attached, tighten until the tire chain is appropriately snug. Chains should be even on both sides of the tire. If you need your chains to fit more tightly, deflate the mower's tires before beginning these steps. 

8. After you've locked the tire chains in place, use cable ties to secure any unused links. 

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