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How to Replace the Chain on Your Husqvarna Chainsaw

Husqvarna chainsaws provide legendary performance and flawless functionality every time. With years of development and research, your top-of-the-line Husqvarna chainsaw will always be worth the investment. Ideal for work bigger jobs out on the back forty, or smaller tasks closer home, your Husqvarna chainsaw needs proper maintenance to live a long life. Follow our how to guide to replace the chain on your Husqvarna chainsaw in eight easy steps.



How to Replace the Chain on your Husqvarna Chainsaw

-Before you start working with the chain, set your saw on a level surface. Safety is always first. To prevent an accidental startup, remove the boot from the spark plug; to disengage the chain brake, push the front hand guard towards the handle.

-If a combination spanner came with your saw, use this tool to loosen the 2 nuts on the clutch cover. If you don’t have a combination spanner, you can use a socket wrench. Remove the cover.

-If your saw still has the transportation ring fitted to one of the bolts, remove the ring and place it in a safe place.

-Pushing towards the rear of the saw, move the guide bar as far as it will go. Now you should be able to remove the chain by lifting it out of the groove around the rim of the bar. You’ll need to be sure to disengage the chain from the socket to successfully remove the chain.

-At this point, you can complete any maintenance your saw requires. With a rag, clean the sprockets. A small finish nail or 14 gauge wire works well to clear the oil ports. After you’ve finished cleaning your saw, turn the bar over and set it back on the bolts.

-If you’re replacing the chain, you can now fit the new chain over the bar. Begin at the top of the sprocket and work your way down the top edge until you finish at the bottom of the sprocket. Make sure the edges of the cutting links are facing forward on the top edge of the bar. 

-Replace the clutch and tighten the nuts. Use the flat head screwdriver to turn the tension adjustment screw clockwise through the hole in your cover until the chain is tightened. When you’ve successfully completed this step, your chain should easily turn by hand but not sag from the bottom of the bar.

-As your final step, tighten the nuts holding the clutch cover using your spanner or socket wrench. 

Always refer to your owner's manual when it comes to performing maintenance on your Husqvarna chainsaw, and when you need Husqvarna parts, shop P&P Small Engines!  

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