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Spring Mower Maintenance Guide

With spring around the corner, it's almost time to trade your winter outdoor power equipment for the mower that's been biding its time in the back of the garage. While there's regular, season-round maintenance for your mower throughout the year, spring is an especially important time to get your equipment into shape. When performing spring mower maintenance, you can identify anything that might be beyond regular wear and tear–like parts that need replacing, or a pesky issue that exceeds at-home troubleshooting and needs a specialist. 

A spring tune-up doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. Ensuring that your motor is operating with fresh oil and filters, blades are sharpened and in shape, and all moving parts are properly lubricated and tightened will keep your mower working all season long. Just follow our spring mower maintenance guide below. 

Spring Mower Maintenance Guide

For mowers and motorized outdoor equipment:

1. Change oil and oil filter

2. Change air filter

3. Clean the mower deck and underneath the deck 

4. Inspect spark plugs; replace if necessary

5. Inspect blades; sharpen or replace if necessary 

6. Stabilize the fuel if you didn't empty the tank before storing

7. Clean the carburetor 

8. Inspect fuel filter; replace if necessary 

9. Check tire pressure

10. Clean engine cooling fins

11. Inspect and clean gears; lubricate when necessary 


For outdoor equipment attachments:

1. Inspect wheel bearings; lubricate if necessary 

2. Inspect all bolts for appropriate tightness

3. Calibrate spreaders

4. Inspect tires; inflate if necessary

5. Straighten aerator spoons and tines; replace if necessary

7. Inspect all safety wirings

8. Inspect all other moving parts; lubricate if necessary 

 Following through with seasonal maintenance ensures that the performance, power, and longevity of your outdoor power equipment remains just as the manufacturers intended. Mowers and other outdoor tools need regular, routine servicing, and P&P Small Engines is here to assist with your outdoor power equipment service needs. Contact us today to schedule your seasonal service appointment as you get ready for spring.  

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