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How to Unclog your Snow Chute

You've prepared your snow thrower for winter weather, but what happens when your chute gets clogged after that first heavy snow? Don't worry. Just follow these six simple steps to unclog your snow chute.

How to unclog your snow chute

Always remember that safety is your top priority when doing any type of maintenance work on your snow thrower. Don't ever use your bare hands to clear a clogged chute assembly. Make sure the engine is off and all moving parts have stopped before beginning any work. 

1. Release the drive and auger controls. 

2. Remove the ignition key to ensure that the engine has come to a full stop. 

3. You should find your chute clean-out tool fastened to the auger housing. Remove it from the mounting clip. Location may vary according to model, so refer to your operator's manual if the clean-out tool is located elsewhere. 

4. Take the shovel-shaped end and scoop out any ice or snow that's become lodged in or around the chute. 

5. Now replace the clean-out tool to the mounting clip on the auger housing. Replace the ignition key to start the engine. 

6. To make sure that all ice and snow have been removed from the shoot, stand behind the snow thrower and engage the auger control. By doing this for a few seconds, you'll ensure that all ice and now are removed from the chute. 

You're ready to get back to clearing snow!

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