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Prepare your Snowblower for Winter

On that first blustery, snowy day, your snowblower needs to be ready. Taking care of seasonal maintenance before winter arrives helps you avoid last minute mishaps and even damage to your snowblower that comes from improper use. Follow these tips to prepare your snowblower for winter.


Winter Snowblower Maintenance


– Change the oil. Once you start using your snowblower, you’ll want to change the oil after its first five hours of use. Make sure you also change the oil at the end of the season.

– After every use (or every 5 hours), inspect and clean the exhaust area. 

– Inspect the spark plugs every season and/or after 25 hours of use. Do they need to be cleaned? If you notice any rust or corrosion when cleaning the plugs, replace them.

– Lubricate the gear shift after 25 hours of use as well as at the start of every season. 

– Make sure all of your belts are ready to go. Inspect all belts for any wear or tear. Replace if necessary.

– Before you add any new fuel, drain the task tank. Only refuel with a fresh fuel that includes a stabilizer. A stabilizer will prevent your fuel from going bad if you’re lucky enough to keep your snowblower in the garage through the first few weeks of winter.

– Inspect all other parts of your snowblower. Lubricate the drive and chassis. Tighten nuts and bolts.

– If you’re in need of a full tune up or other service for your snowblower, contact P&P Small Engines for an appointment!

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