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Snow Thrower Troubleshooting Tips

Your snow thrower works hard all season long. Clearing driveways, plowing through mountains of snow, but every so often, you might hit a bump in the road. For some of the most common problems to befall your snow thrower, follow our snow thrower troubleshooting tips. 

Snow Thrower Fails to Propel  

Cause  Drive control cable needs adjustment
Solution Adjust the drive control cable


Cause  Drive belt has become loose or damaged
Solution Tighten the drive belt or replace the belt if necesary


Cause  Friction wheel is too worn
Solution Replace the affected friction wheel


Snow Thrower Loses Power

Cause  Spark plug wire has become loose
Solution Connect and tighten the spark plug wire


Cause Gas cap vent hold is plugged
Solution Remove ice and snow from the gas cap; clear vent hold of all debris



Engine Runs Erratically


Cause  Engine is running on 'CHOKE'
Solution Move your choke lever to the 'OFF' position


Cause  Stale fuel
Solution Drain the gas tank and refill with fresh fuel


Cause  Fuel system is contaminated with water or dirt
Solution Drain the gas tank and refill with fresh fuel 


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