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The Right Zero-Turn Mower

Zero-turn mowers are a safer and faster way to get your residential or commercial property looking as clean as possible. ZT models are larger than your standard walk-behind mower, but the design of the zero-turn is ideal for landowners, farmers, ranchers, and professional landscape contractors who desire efficiency and comfort.

What makes a zero-turn different than a tractor or a traditional mower?

These mowers get their name because they’re designed to spin 180 degrees, making a clean cut at the end of each mowing row so operators reduce the number of passes required to mow their lawn. The design makes it so you never have to cut the same patch twice, you don’t miss areas because of your turning technique, and you’ll have less trimming to do at the end of the job. Zero-turn mowers offer a number of operator benefits including:

-cut lawn efficiently with 180 degree turns

-high quality cutting at faster speeds (most zero-turns can run 5-8mph, some up to 13)

-increased maneuverability cuts mowing time in half

Many zero-turn models share similarities between manufacturers, like engine specifications and cut widths/heights, so it’s important to consider what makes your ZT mower the right, unique selection for your mowing needs.

When purchasing your new zero-turn mower, make sure to consider the following:

-quality of cut
-operator comfort

A ZT mower can be a cost and time-effective investment for you, your home, and company. No matter which ZT manufacturer or model you choose, you can be assured you’ll have a freshly cut, clean-looking lawn in less time with less need to trim after the mowing is completed.

Featured Zero-Turn Mowers

Cub Cadet RZT S 54

The RZT S 54 from Cub Cadet provides operators with a Cub Connect Bluetooth hour meter, zero-turn maneuverability with steering wheel control and four-wheel steering, a 54″ triple-blade high-lift cutting system, and a 23HP professional-grade engine. This model can reach 7mph, and it’s equipped with a 2.8 gallon fuel tank and 45″ wheelbase.


Husqvarna PZT 60

Husqvarna’s P-ZT line provides commercial quality at an unbeatable value. This P-ZT is equipped with commercial duty chassis, heavy-duty front casters, convenient and comfortable operator interface, and clean open design for unparalleled service access. Offers 24.5HP, 60″ cutting width, and driving speed of up to 10mph.


Hustler Raptor SD 48

The RAPTOR Flip-Up series from Hustler offers operators a push button deck to raise and lower for easy blade access, automated deck heigh adjustment, exclusive SmoothTrak steering, patented automatic park brake system, low foot-pan height, SmartChoke technology so you just turn the key and go, and 20″ drive tires.


Ferris Zero Turn Mowers

The Ferris IS 2100Z model provides the smoothest ride on a fuel-efficient, zero-turn mower made for rough terrain. This model is equipped with iCD Cutting System for maximum and accurate cutting performance in diverse conditions, and adjustable front and rear suspension that restores control of the operator with a coil-over-shock system for a refined ride with a consistent and faster cut with less stress.

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