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How to Replace Husqvarna Tractor Blades

Oil, gas, belts, and blades – P&P Small Engines is ready to help you get your tractor into gear. One of the most important maintenance steps in getting your tractor up and running for the changing seasons is checking and replacing the blades on your Husqvarna tractor. Follow our guide to replace your Husqvarna tractor blades. 

A) Raise the mower deck to its highest position.

B) Always keep your safety in mind. Wear appropriate, heavy clothing, like leather gloves. Wrap the cutting edge of the blade with a heavy cloth.

C) Using a ratchet or socket (you can refer to your owner’s manual for your model’s specifications), turn the bolt counter-clockwise to remove the blade. You may find it difficult to remove the bolts. If so, try sharply banging the wrench with the heel of your hand to break the bolt free.

D) Before replacing your Husqvarna blade, make sure the fins of the blades face upwards towards the deck.

E) Repeat this process for the other two blade attachment bolts.

F) Make sure the 'This Side Up' stamped surface is facing away from the ground. Attach and align the new blade to the mandrel. 

G) Insert and tighten the 5/8 inch blade attachment bolt. If you’re in possession of a torque wrench, torque the bolt from 45-55 pounds.

H) Repeat the attachment process for the other two blades.

You've completed the process to replace your Husqvarna tractor blades! Remember to lower the deck back to its regular height before mowing your lawn. Always refer to your owner's manual for model specifications. For further questions about service for your Husqvarna tractor, contact a trained specialist at P&P Small Engines


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