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Husqvarna Chainsaw Daily Maintenance

All year round, your Husqvarna chainsaw is a handy tool that should be kept in tip-top condition. In the unpredictable aftermath of a winter blizzard or a summer thunderstorm, your Husqvarna chainsaw will help you clear the debris and get your property back into shape. Follow our Husqvarna chainsaw daily maintenance guide to keep your equipment ready for whatever weather comes your way. 

Husqvarna Chainsaw Daily Maintenance Guide

Step 1: Carefully clean the outside of your chainsaw.

Step 2: Ensure that all components of the throttle control are working safely and appropriately. This includes the throttle lockout and throttle control. 

Step 3: First, clean your chain break. Then, make sure that it's operating safely. For safe use,  the chain catcher should be undamaged. If you find otherwise, replace it with an aluminum chain catcher. 

Step 4: For even wear, turn the bar daily. Make sure the lubrication hole is not clogged, and clean the bar groove. If your chainsaw model has a sprocket tip, lubricate this part, too. 

Step 5: Review your chainsaw and its links and rivets for any cracks. Check to see if the saw chain is stiff, or if any links or rivets have been worn down abnormally. Replace these parts if necessary. 

Step 6: Check the tension and condition of the chain, and sharpen it. Inspect the drive sprocket for wear, and replace when necessary. 

Step 7: Clean the starter unit's air intake as well as the air filter. 

Step 8: Check that screws and nuts are tightened appropriately. 

Step 9: Ensure that your stop switch is working correctly. 

Step 10: Inspect for any fuel leaks coming from the engine, tank, or fuel lines. 

Step 11: If your chainsaw model includes a catalytic converter, inspect the cooling system. 

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