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How to Choose the Right STIHL Chainsaw

Are you using the right STIHL chainsaw? STIHL chainsaws are ideal for homes, farms, and other professional operations. Follow our STIHL Chainsaw Guide to select the right chainsaw for you.

STIHL Chainsaw

Let’s start with a key for STIHL chainsaw features. If you’re looking at model numbers for different chainsaws, you’ll see different letters, too. Here’s what those letters mean:

E = Easy2Start

B= Quick Chain Adjuster (QCA)

Q= STIHL Quickstop Plus

R= Wrap Handle

T= Top Handle (Arborist Use Only)

Chainsaws for Home

Homeowner chainsaws from P&P Small Engines include MS 170, MS 180C, MS 250, and MS 251. These saws provide reliable performance for a good value, featuring German engineering, advanced technology, STIHL Quickstop chain brake system, and anti-vibration technology for enhanced user comfort.

Chainsaws for Ranch/Farm 

When there’s work to be done, select the MS 271, MS 291, or MS311 model from P&P Small Engines. These are high-performance was that are engineered to work for you every single day. STIHL ranch/farm chainsaws are ideal for cutting firewood and storm clean up.

Chainsaws for Professionals 

Leave those big sawing tasks for the professionals, why dontcha? Whether it’s farming, logging, land clearing, big firewood jobs, or tree service, the MS 461 or MS 661C chainsaw from STIHL will do the job.

Chainsaws for Arborists

These saws are specially made for trained arborists only. The MS 193 T or MS 201 T models will give you the robust power-to-weight ratio you need to get the job done.

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