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End of Season Fall Mower Maintenance

Your trusty lawnmower has performed all summer long, and now it's time to show your outdoor power equipment a little bit of love. Before the cold winter months settle in, follow this quick at-home guide for end of season fall mower maintenance to keep your gear in tip-top shape for next year. 

End of Season Fall Mower Maintenance

Clean the Tank

Add a fuel stabilizer and let your mower's motor run until all of the gas has been used up. Adding a stabilizer before emptying out the fuel tank will assist in clearing out your lines, and preventing the carburetor from gumming up while not in use. 

Service your Air Filter

Make sure you follow the directions listed in your owner's manual for this step. When your mower is experiencing starting problems, a clogged air filter is usually the cause. 

Blade Prep

Removing your mower blades ahead of the winter season will remind you to sharpen and clean before starting a new season of cutting, and provide you ample time to seek new parts if old blades are in need of replacement.

Empty the Oil 

If you operate a 4-cycle engine, don't forget to drain and change your oil. Over winter, you can leave the mower without new oil -- but remember to add more next spring!

Tend to the Mower Deck

Fall is especially hard on lawn mowers. Leaves and other debris can become trapped under the mower deck, and cause other problems for your outdoor power equipment. Using caution, use a plastic putty knife or similar tool to remove any debris from the mower's deck. 

Touch Up and Replace

The end of the season is a great time to take stock in what needs cleaning up, extra maintenance, and replacement on your lawn mower. Check your equipment for rusted or chipped paint surfaces, lubricate moving parts, and inspect all parts for proper function. If you find parts that need replacing, P&P Small Engines is here to help. 

Would you rather drop off and pick up? Schedule your seasonal service with P&P Small Engines today. 

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