stihl 4520 400 6504

stihl 4520 400 6504

Product Number: 4520 400 6504

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Type: Parts
Brand: Stihl

AK 20 Lithium-Ion Battery

The power of STIHL, now in a battery. STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries deliver
the power-to-weight ratio you’ve been waiting for. The AK 20 is part of the
STIHL AK Series, weighs only 2.7 lbs. and is great for applications where more
run time is needed. Our batteries are engineered for minimal loss of charge
during storage and performance that runs the power tool until the battery is
depleted. Indicator lights show the battery level of charge, so you can plan
your productivity accordingly. Inside the battery, sensors monitor temperature
and automatically shut down if the battery ever becomes hot. Ready to take your
battery power to the next level? Then switch to the STIHL battery products.

Run time may vary based charge level and operating style.