Husqvarna 315X Automower

Husqvarna 315X Automower

Product Number: 967650105

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Brand: Husqvarna


Meet Automower® 315X, a robotic mower that will give you the perfect lawn and more free time. If you own a small or medium-sized yard up to 0.4 acres, Automower® 315 is an outstanding choice. Featuring smart technology and an intuitive interface, Automower® is the world’s most capable robotic mower. Obstacles, tight spaces and slopes are no sweat.
And thanks to its weather resistance, Automower® works in the rain, too. Plus, as a premium Automower® model in the X-Line Series, the 315X comes with Automower® Connect, featuring GPS navigation and theft tracking, along with the special X-Line design, including LED headlights,
rubber front bumper and specially painted wheel caps.

Model: 967650105


Battery                                                             type Li-Ion
Battery voltage                                                18 V
Battery capacity                                               2.0 Ah
Typical charging time                                       60 min
Typical mow time on one charge                     70 min
Power consumption during cutting                   25 W


Working area capacity (±20)                             0.4 acre
Charging system                                               Automatic
Maximum incline within the working area         22 °
Maximum incline inside working area               40 %
Maximum incline at boundary wire                   15 %

Cutting deck:

Cutting system                                                   3 pivoting razor blades
Cutting width                                                      8.7 in
Cutting height, max (approximate)                     2.4 in
Cutting height, min (approximate)                      0.8 in


Keypad                                                               19 buttons
Information panel                                                Large LCD display
Timer                                                                   Yes
Handle type                                                         Integrated
Wheel threads                                                     Medium
Alarm                                                                   Medium
PIN code                                                              Yes
Installation lock                                                    Yes
Time lock                                                              Yes
Lift sensor                                                             Yes
Tilt sensor                                                             Yes
Extra blades                                                          9 pcs
Staples                                                                  0 pcs

Sound and Noise:

Sound level Guaranteed                                       60 dB(A)

Weather timer - PATENTED

Automatic passage handling - PATENTED

Guide wire - PATENTED

Manages slopes up to 40%

Remote start points x3

Flexible charging station placement

Balance control

Spiral cutting

Spot cutting

Replaceable top covers

Easy height adjustment

Graphic menu display, large-sized

Front bumper

Theft protection by GPS



Excellent cutting result


Unique cutting system

No emissions

Theft protection by alarm/PIN code

Automatic charging

Low energy consumption


Lift & Tilt sensors

Weather proof