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Cub Cadet Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring has arrived, grass is growing, and you need to take care of your lawn. Mowers and outdoor lawn equipment need regular maintenance and care to ensure a long life of optimum performance. Now that you'll be using your mower a bit more than those dreary winter months, take the time to review our Cub Cadet Spring Maintenance Checklist.  

For mowers and motorized outdoor equipment:

1. Change oil and oil filter

2. Change air filter

3. Clean the mower deck and underneath the deck 

4. Inspect spark plugs; replace if necessary

5. Inspect blades; sharpen or replace if necessary 

6. Stabilize the fuel if you didn't empty the tank before storing

7. Clean the carburetor 

8. Inspect fuel filter; replace if necessary 

9. Check tire pressure

10. Clean engine cooling fins

11. Inspect and clean gears; lubricate when necessary 


For outdoor equipment attachments:

1. Inspect wheel bearings; lubricate if necessary 

2. Inspect all bolts for appropriate tightness

3. Calibrate spreaders

4. Inspect tires; inflate if necessary

5. Straighten aerator spoons and tines; replace if necessary

7. Inspect all safety wirings

8. Inspect all other moving parts; lubricate if necessary 


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